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Congrats Jimmy!

I love seeing new dads holding their babies. They look so proud, yet tender, the happiness is evident in not only their constant smiles, but in their eyes. There's a twinkle there that didn't exist before.

I saw a picture today of an old coworker (Jim Linderman). He was my cube mate when I was at FA. In the picture he's holding his baby girl. It reads "Welcome Samantha! 7/25 @ 20:40". I'm so happy for him. Its funny, we used to talk about kids. He's my age, and at the time he wasn't ready. He'd say, every time my wife starts talking about wanting a baby, we get another dog or a cat. Its cute, but true. They have (or at least had) 3 cats and 2 dogs, not to mention his salt water tanks.

Yay for new babies!! Yay for proud daddies!!
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The funeral was amazing. I've never been to memorial service that was so touching, so heart-warming, and so upbeat. It really was a celebration of Jay's life and all that he has done.

Over the last couple of months I've been talking with one of my officemates, telling her about what's going on. When Jay passed away last Thursday, she looked for an obituary for him in the local paper. Yesterday before I left, she noted that she still hadn't seen an obituary for him.

This morning when I came in, she handed me the newspaper, he was on the front page of the local section. It was great to see.
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<3 for Everyone

My morning is off to such a great start!

Calls from friends and family...and text messages! And emails! And LJ posts!!

Thank you!!! This is one of my best birthdays, and its only 8:00!!

Update: I've gotten e-cards too!

And last night Ted bought me the skills pack for NF, which was totally unexpected, and VERY much appreciated. I'm such a gamer-geek.
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I'm watching the breakfast with Korn from KROQ off of AT&T Blue room. I can't even tell you how much I would have loved to be there. i'm watching it from work instead (I know, shame on me!).

Its just Jonathon, Field and Munkey, no David :( They have a great group of supporting musicians and singers.

I have no complaints. The show is made up of acoustic sets and Q&A from the audience who are all sitting on the floor. It's cool. Both Jonathon and Fieldy have lost quite a bit of weight, they all look sober and healthy.

I'm buying the Korn Unplugged CD tomorrow as a birthday present to myself. They've got a new CD coming out July 17th, and the Family Values tour returns this summer too!

AT&T will keep the show up for the next 24 hrs.
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Everyone here in my office is all freaked...

Our parent company (a previous employer of mine), surprised my company by firing the President and CEO of the company I contract to. As with any company there are politics and in-fighting.

When the parent c.o bought the child co. two years ago, the management that was in place at that time recruited a senior manager from a competitor to come head the child, as CEO and President. The CEO hired all of the other C level managers and VPs with approval from the parent. Over 70% of the current management team came from competitors, primarily the one the CEO had left. This includes my boss, the CIO. The CIO brought with him two managers from the same company.

Many of the people who work her from sales, escrow, title, accounting, have the same story.

Everyone here is all stressed and nervous. No formal announcement has been made, but the VP of this office notified everyone here.

Makes me wish I had taken the interview for that other position...
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Last night I was in the middle of a RA match. As usual there was a kitten asleep on my monitor, with no warning what so ever, my boy kitten fell off my monitor, landing on my desk, knocking things over. He was startled, but stood there looking his cute-self. A look of blissful confusion on his face, like he couldn't figure out why i was laughing so hard I was in tears.